Association for Play Therapy, Inc.
APT is a professional organization based in Fresno, California, dedicated to the advancement of play therapy so that children in need may receive the best possible mental health services. Founded in 1982, APT is an interdisciplinary organization that offers numerous benefits to members, including a journal, newsletter, and member discounts on books, videos, and play therapy materials. 

British Association of Play Therapists
Established in 1992, the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) aims to promote and develop standards of training and practice in Play Therapy, to encourage sharing of information, experience and skills, and to provide a national resource for the general public. BAPT provides support, information and guidance to the general public, as well as professional standard, regulations, and registration for play therapists.

Irish Play Therapy Association
The Irish Play Therapy Association has as its mission a commitment to the clinical, ethical and training needs of therapists and to the facilitation of symbolic play and use of metaphor as an integral component of the therapeutic process in their work with children and adolescents.

Associazione per la Play Therapy Italia
The Associazione per la Play Therapy Italia (APTI) is a professional association in Italy which is grounded on the Association for Play Therapy model. It provides a national base for the promotion of play, play therapy and certified play therapists in Italy. With this mission and other initiatives, APTI aims to contribute to the improvement of the psychosocial well being of individuals as well as of the community itself.
L'Associazione per la Play Therapy Italia (APTI) è un'associazione professionale su base nazionale propone in Italia , su modello dell'APT, la promozione del gioco, della play therapy e di play therapist certificati. Attraverso queste e altre iniziative l’APTI intende contribuire al miglioramento del livello di benessere psicosociale degli individui e della comuntà più estesa.